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Bunk Rock's management division specializes in securing live shows and organizing tours, overseeing recording schedules, working with publicists, lawyers, record companies, distribution and agents.

Bunk Rock Management was founded in 1999 by Greig Nori (Capital G - Treble Charger leadman) to manage the affairs of a little rock and roll group from Ajax Ontario by the name of Sum 41. Sum 41, as many of you should know, have sold over 5 million records worldwide. Since then Greig has put together a new team including good friend Matt Brann (former Avril Lavigne Drummer, Producer and Songwriter), an Brian Huston (Live Music Heavyweight and Brains of Bodog Music). Together they have signed new additions to the Bunk Rock Management family.

One of those new additions include the New Wave Dance/Rock band from Montreal Quebec, The New Cities. Discovered by Bunk Rock in early '06, The New Cities are sure to break some glasses and shake some asses in '08 when their debut album is released this fall.

Another addition to the Bunk Rock family is Newcastle's own, One Second 2 Late. Discovered by Bunk Rock in late '06, One Second 2 Late are a hard hitting and in your face, yet melodic and trippy, this band also caught the attention of a good friend of Bunk Rock's, Ian D'sa of Billy Talent. Both Greig and Ian have been at the helm producing this monster of a debut album that will drop in summer of '08.

Stayed tuned for more from Bunk Rock.